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Making an Appointment

Before scheduling a patient for evaluation, Dr. Schiffmann reviews all available history, along with previous test results and neuroimaging scans. Please email or fax over any imaging you have had done in the past to 214-820-4562.


What to Expect at Your Initial Visit

Initial visits take at least an hour. Dr. Schiffmann goes over the tests and scans that have been forwarded in advance of the visit, completes a detailed patient history, and performs a thorough physical exam. He then discusses his impressions extensively with the patient and family.


Upon Completion of Initial Visit

The patient and/or his or her family will be presented with a detailed report, and a copy will be sent to the patient’s primary care physician, including, possibly, specific recommendations for further diagnostic testing deemed necessary to consider or rule out certain conditions.

Diagnosis may take days, weeks, months or even longer depending on the case. In spite of Dr. Schiffmann’s best efforts, it is also possible that no cause will be found for the patient’s clinical manifestations. But every possible effort will be made.

To refer a patient to Dr. Schiffmann, please call 214-820-4688.